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Getting Started

Getting Started

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It takes four things to get a website.

  1. A Domain - Every few years you must purchase the domain which people can type in to get to your website.  ThatCompany.com is a good example.
  2. A Design Package - Your website is the face of your company or organization to the world.  It is important that it reflects well on you.  Templated website tend to look poor for two reasons: 1)  The person building the website often does not have the experience to avoid common mistakes  2)  The technology available to most designers is rather poor, client-oriented technology.  We use Server Side Scripting for Dynamic Content!
  3. A Hosting Package - You website could be the best in the world, but without a server constantly shelling out web pages and content no one would see a thing.  Many low quality hosting solutions are out there, but they all have drawbacks, including: poor support, difficult interfaces, limited Server Side Scripting and "shared" insecure settings.  Expensive Hosting Packages are also out there, which become easily over-priced.  We try to price our hosting as economically as possible without sacrificing reliability or security.
  4. Search Engine Optimization - It is important to make sure that your website will be seen by as many people as possible.  If major search engines don't see it, it's as good as not there.


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